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Developing your Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the capability to make intelligent judgements and decisions about your business based on analyses of summary data from your information systems.

Our business intelligent experts can assist you to:


Indicative activities of developing your business intelligence include, but are not limited to:


As a result of developing your business intelligence, we can produce the following output:


As a result of developing your business intelligence, you can anticipate the following outcomes:

Duration and Effort

Depends on the nature of the database and scope of the business intelligence need. Indicatively 4‐5 sessions over 2‐3 weeks

Some technical details

Most people don't care about technical details nor have a need to know them; but for those who do ...
The term ‘reports' used on this page refers to forms of datasets extracted from databases. Here are some common forms:

To discuss your needs in developing your business intelligence, contact Robert Heslan at RHX Group.