RHX Logo + Slogan: Achieving meaningful change for people and organisations


Steps towards your solution

We typically follow these steps to help you get the best outcome.

1. Explore
People exploring

Starting conversations when things are not clear, or are in a raw state.

What new processes are you considering?

What behaviours and activities are you aiming for?

Is change needed, and if so, what?

What is important to retain or to leave behind?

2. Diagnose
Hands figuring out stuff

Identifying where you’re at.

What are the problems and opportunities?

What is the current situation? Who influences this?

What is the likely impact of change? Who will be affected?

Who holds knowledge of value? What existing resources can be utilised?

3. Design
Pen writing in the sky

Shaping thoughts and words into plans that define a new future.

What are the important details for the solution and the change process?

What will the change look and feel like? Who should influence this?

What are the right activities in changing? How do we align action with aims?

Has the right design (solution and process) been achieved?

4. Execute
Hands putting puzzle together

Following through from kick-start to realising the change.

Is the plan still relevant?

Are expectations, obstacles and risks being managed appropriately?

How are things progressing? Do we need to change anything?

Have benefits been realised? What more is needed?