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Gamma Business Solutions

We have constantly valued RHX Group to supplement our team’s expertise in quality business intelligence (report design and query extracts) for business financial systems.

And one day we discovered they could help us in a different way. It started with a passing conversation on vague thoughts about changing how we managed our project information and knowledge. From there, RHX Group facilitated many conversations to make more sense of what we wanted, and why we wanted it. We examined what was possible and what would make a real difference. The team from RHX Group asked questions, challenged assumptions, shaped our thoughts into actions, gave us technical advice, inspired us and made a roadmap to follow – and we started to change. They supported our journey as a necessary ‘get-around-to-it’ to keep us focused when other things threatened to distract us, and motivated us if we procrastinated. 

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We didn’t know we were going to but we changed business processes, we changed personal work practices, we changed tools and documents, we changed attitudes, we changed expectations. And it has been worth it, it’s made a big difference and it’s hard to imagine being anything else now.

Alison Janecic
Project Manager
Gamma Business Solutions (formerly Gamma Computer Systems)

Louis Hanlon Pharmacy

We worked with Robert from RHX Group as we took on a new business. He gave invaluable support at a most critical time. Starting with understanding our needs and goals, he provided a complete package of support from planning, to implementation and follow-up to see how things were progressing. We experienced a tailored approach with attention to detail and going the extra mile. We received pragmatic advice and practical assistance to put in place procedures and systems that would ensure our business would be well managed and meet our key performance indicators. We highly recommend the services of RHX Group to entrepreneurs starting something new or looking to take their business to another level of profitable capability.

Ravi Maharaj
Louis Hamon Pharmacy

Pharmacy Advantage Services

When Pharmacy Advantage Services was a new business, we realised we needed pragmatic support and advice in establishing and maintaining the right business systems. Since our beginning four years ago, RHX Group has provided us with guidance and expertise across the full spectrum of evaluating, developing and implementing business administration solutions. Those solutions have included accounting system (software and processes), data storage and backup system, outsourced IT management, and HR management.

As a direct result of RHX Group’s involvement, we have managed significant growth within our organisation, and have developed strong internal expertise in the key areas of HR, accounting and IT. Robert’s considerable ‘hands-on’ expertise has been significantly valuable.

Our team found it very reassuring to work with Robert. They felt respected and were not intimidated. They were able to ask crucial questions knowing they would be listened to and assisted in an affirming manner.

We continue our relationship with the RHX Group as we enhance our current structures and undertake new initiatives.

Alex Webster
General Manager
Pharmacy Advantage Services


School of Rural Health, Monash University

We engaged Helen (from RHX Group) after personal contact at Monash University and endorsement of her capability from within the Monash IT department where she had been employed. We were told that Helen’s strengths were thinking outside the square in terms of systems for communication, in which Information technology played an enabling but not controlling role. And so it proved.

While working with us, Helen was very successful in working with a number of focus groups across our geographically spread out School of Rural Health. The School has activity at Mildura, Bendigo, Moe, Traralgon and Bairnsdale across Victoria and at many related sub-sites. The School is heavily dependent on a coherent and functioning Information and Communication Technology system and people who know how to use it and fix it. A Strategic Plan was developed with a number of immediate, high-priority, activities which have been addressed, resulting in a system that functions much better than previously. The whole School was able to sign off on the Plan as a result of the work undertaken by Helen. The Rural School Strategic Plan was picked up at Faculty and now University level and incorporated into a full University ICT Structure and Plan. The initiative and quality of the Rural Plan has meant that Rural has continued to take a lead role in the Faculty in developing concepts around distance education.

We recommend Helen and the RHX Group to help organisations to develop thoughtful, guided, bottom-up responses to environmental and internal challenges, particularly around communication and knowledge management.

Professor Gordon Whyte
Head of School
School of Rural Health, Monash University


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